About Me


I’m a freelance photographer & filmmaker who deliveres creative and entertaining results using brand identity, print, and social media.

I have worked in the film industry for over 5 years, in camera team and director’s assistant positions. I have worked on multiple feature films, including Atom Egoyan’s ‘Remember’ and Goon 2: Last of the Enforcers.

In 2016, I created and ran an Collective comprised of over 40 artists, called the Queen’s Park Water Tower Collective, in which I ran productions and events to promote the local underground arts, music and film scenes in Toronto. During this time I also produced and filmed a successful music video series with numerous musicians.

For 4 years I was the Artistic Director of the annual Hart House Film Board Festival, which I curated, organized and advertised on behalf of Hart House. I have run film shoots on behalf of the HHFB to mentor young trainees in film production.

I have worked on multiple award winning independent film productions in directorial and cinematographer roles, such as my short Hunger Lust and Minsoo Koh’s Payphone.

More recently I have worked with local brands and businesses specializing in advertorial videography and photography for clients such as Toronto Tans, Hart House Film Board, LOHN candles and TIJN.

In 2019 I ran the photography section of local magazine, The Strand. My works have been featured in numerous publications, such as LA based magazine Archive the Mag and Toksick Magazine.

In 2020 I co-founded Bad Flower Pictures, alongside Pia Graham, with the intention to promote and create more female focused media.

My work has been featured in The Strand, A Film Cosmos, Lomography, Archive Magazine and many other publications, both online and in print.

Interview with Downtown Camera

"My work is heavily influenced by a life in the film industry. With my family being filmmakers, I grew up travelling around on sets, which led to a fascination with capturing the essence of emotions and human connection through the medium of a lens." 

"My favourite camera set up is ideally my lovely Canon T90, with a 50mm lens, a good flash and a few gels for fun! I can't say enough good things about the CanonT90, its so fun to use and has so much potential. I can shoot almost anything I need on it. I love using Portra 400, but have recently transitioned to Portra 160, especially when shooting outdoor bouldering or editorials with my flash. Lomography is always a go to, the colours are so vivid and beautiful!" 

"I am inspired by the people around me. For me, photography has always been about capturing a moment or emotion, trying to make a feeling or idea into something tangible. Most of my portraits, commission and commercial work aside, are of the people in my life. I draw my inspiration from the things that I love; be that my friends, music or film. Colours are also a major fixation of mine, that and matching them to emotions. I really think you don't need a whole fancy set up to create good work. Just an emotional connection and appreciation towards your subjects."

"I am always looking to shoot with new people and collaborate with other artists." 

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