Ilya Sarossy

About Me


Ilya is a freelance director, editor & photographer who delivers creative and entertaining results using brand identity, print, and social media.

She has worked in the film industry for over 5 years, in camera team, director’s assistant and assistant editor positions. She has worked on multiple feature films, including Atom Egoyan’s ‘Remember’ and Goon 2: Last of the Enforcers.

In 2016, she created and ran a Collective comprised of over 40 artists, called the Queen’s Park Water Tower Collective, in which I ran productions and events to promote the local underground arts, music and film scenes in Toronto. During this time she also produced and directed numerous music videos. 

For 4 years Ilya was the Artistic Director of the annual Hart House Film Board Festival, which she curated, organized and advertised on behalf of Hart House. She also ran film shoots on behalf of the Hart House Film Board to mentor young trainees in film production.

During this time Ilya worked on on multiple award winning independent film productions in directorial and cinematographer roles, such as her short Hunger Lust and Minsoo Koh’s Payphone.

Ilya then made the transition into working with local brands and businesses specializing in advertorial videography and photography for clients such as Toronto Tans, Hart House Film Board, LOHN candles and TIJN.

Her works have been featured in numerous publications, such as Vogue Italia, Gripped Magazine, Archive the Mag and Toksick Magazine both online and in print. 

In 2020 she co-founded Bad Flower Pictures, alongside Pia Graham, with the intention to promote and create more female focused sports media. 

In 2021 she worked with North Face, Mate Libre and the Big Initiative on a project focused on exploring femininity and strength within rock climbing. 

Ilya currently is developing her voice as a director and editor, through commercial, documentary and narrative work. 

Current Projects: 

AUG 2022 - Assistant Editor on Coors Banquet: Towards the Fire, Dir. Dylan Miranda, Editor: Michael Barker (Social Media Campaign) 

SEP 2022 - Assistant Editor on Rogers Internet, Dir. Emma Higgins, Editor: John Gallagher 

SEP 2022  - Assistant Editor on Valvoline Oil Change-x-iety, Dir. David Quinn, Editor: Alison Gordon (TV Commercial Spot)

OCT 2022 - Assistant Editor on RVHF: Keep Life Wild, Dir: , Editor: Calum Moore (Online Campaign) 

OCT 2022 - Assistant Editor on Sinai Health Fall, Dir. Ross Allen, Editor: Cam Anderson (TV Commercial Campaign)

OCT 2022 - Assistant Editor on TD SMG, Editor: Calum Moore (Internal Campaign)

NOV 2022  - Assistant Editor on Tito Mercado: Road to the Ring, Dir. Cameron Thuman, Editor: Chris Murphy (Social Media Campaign)

NOV 2022 - Assistant Editor on Chevrolet Good Deeds Cup, Dir. Amy Becker Burnett, Editor: Michael Barker (TV Commercial & Social Media Campaign)

JAN 2023 - Assistant Editor on Hyundai NHL Safety, Editor: Cam Anderson (TV Commercial Campaign)

JAN 2023 - Assistant Editor on Master of the House, Dir. Dylan Miranda, Editor: Michael Barker (Short Film)

FEB 2023 - Editor on Master of the House trailer,  Dir. Dylan Miranda (Trailer)

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