Ilya Sarossy

'Femininity & Climbing' : Vogue Italia - Photo Vogue

"We need more art and media showing us that femininity and strength are not mutually exclusive. Especially in the sport of climbing. Women deserve to feel represented by something authentic that they feel connected to, and we have that power as creators through our art forms to showcase femininity in climbing as something that is badass, that we should embrace and be unapologetic about. This work focuses on women’s right to be strong and feminine and take up space." - Ilya Sarossy

Work shot, co-artistic directed and edited by Ilya Sarossy
Styled/designed, make up and co-artistic directed by Pia Graham
Models: Danka Molinari, Sabrina Chapman, Bea Evans 
While working with Alexa Fay, The Big Initiative, Mate Libre and The North Face

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